In an effort to educate the American consumer that is actually not free, and that each American is entitled to a free credit report from – Aperture was tasked to build a campaign to gain substantial awareness. But how would we do this in a David vs. Goliath environment where the industry was spending hundreds of millions of dollars a year on advertising?

Our team did extensive market research and worked with our client to craft media that would go viral – the end results are highly visual, catchy, and fun spots that were viewed and shared over a million times. The results were very successful as the spots captured the attention of traditional media, including garnering a front page story in the New York Times. This generated additional PR for the campaign, as many other media outlets picked up the story including national news programs, syndicated radio talk shows, cable news, major publications, and even a mention on Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live. The campaign also garnered the prestigious Ad Week “Spot of the Week”.

The campaign captured the attention of the public and went viral – garnering millions of views and became a ‘talking point’ on a variety of traditional news outlets.

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