Shot in stunning Ultra High-Definition, Port Canaveral – Gateway to Adventure is the one-of-a-kind large screen film that plays daily at the Exploration Tower’s state-of-the-art theater at Port Canaveral. The film takes viewers on an exciting journey through the region’s vibrant history.

One of the world’s busiest harbors offers a vibrant life and history, from the stormy seas of the Spanish conquistadors seeking new territory to the beachcombers enjoying legendary surf spots like Cocoa Beach. Port Canaveral – Gateway to Adventure invites viewers to explore its many wonders by sea, land, and air and space through brilliant aerial and underwater photography, cutting edge computer graphics, and spectacular on-location filming. Audiences soar over pristine coastlines, swim with giant sea turtles, take a rocket ride from the Kennedy Space Center, and become mesmerized by the port’s continuous activity.

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